causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Get the Honeymoon phase back

Get the Honeymoon phase back & reduce Erectile Dysfunction

How does it feel when you fall in love at first sight? It feels like all day valentine’s day, spark in your eyes, and the racing heartbeat for all day. The person becomes your favourite and loves to spend every moment with him/her. But, after years of years’ update is important to avoid the causes of Erectile Dysfunction. Because physical pleasure is as sensual as “50 shades of Grey“. So, your perfect place and posture are the baselines between you and your spouse’s lovable chemistry. 


So, “Give someone a green gown.” It means take your honey to the mountains for the grass bed. 


But, be aware of the symptoms of ED means it’s a nightmare that can happen with any man. Even a 2013 study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that it is common within the young generation. There are 26% of adults under the age of 40 are found with ED.


Means, put some aroma of sensual spices and serve a pleasurable dish to your partner. 


So, what is Erectile dysfunction?

However, it’s a condition of impotence in which a man cannot keep an erection for long. Hence, they erect easily within a short period during the sexual performances. 


What are the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

  • The main symptom of ED is having trouble during erection. 
  • However, it makes pain during penetration. 
  • Even you can complete the intercourse within some seconds. 


It’s time to share it with your partner instead of hiding it or having embarrassed. 


What are the causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

  • Firstly, the causes of Erectile Dysfunction happen during stress or anxiety. 
  • Even the possible reason is tiredness, lack of water, or any physical health. 
  • Hence, your unstable psychological health is the reason behind your low esteem during intercourse. 
  • Drinking alcohol or smoking is another reason behind ED. 


How to improve the condition of impotence?

It all depends on you. If you decide, just do it. 

  • Firstly, stop troubling your mental health and avoid stress and overthinking.
  • Size matters, so be fit and slim.
  • Eat fatty fish, spinach, Avocados, carrots, or more related foods to boost your arousal. 
  • Try different postures of Kamasutra during mating with your partner.
  • Workout daily and quit smoking. 
  • Try to do a head full of meditation. 
  • Sleep regularly by following your time to time sleeping schedule. 
  • Think less and laugh more. 


These are the basic things that enhance the performance, like your honeymoon phase. 


Most importantly:

  • Discover the arousal point in your partner because every person has their arousal point.
  • Try to understand the uses of various sex toys and with them. 



According to the above blog, I concluded that it is easy to turn on the mood. So, try to spend some time with your partner and share the causes of erectile dysfunction and its treatment. Because it enhances mutual understanding between you and your partner. So, get a warm breath on your neck and be ready for the multiple rounds with your partner.   


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